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Candle Magick


1 One of the simple magic of art, which fall within Title Natural magic candles burning. Only because it employs little ritual and few ceremonial artifacts. Theatrical props magic candles can purchase at any department and ritual can be applied to any living room or bedroom.

2 Most of us spent our first act of candle magic because we are two years. Blowing tiny Candles in our first birthday cake and a clear desire Magic. This is a childhood tradition is based on three years principles of concentration, willpower and visualization. Simply put, a child who wants to fulfill his wishes focus (zadimae candles), I imagine, by the end Result (surprise), and I hope that it will become a reality (which forces).

3 sizes and shapes of candles can be used significance, although highly decorative, Etra large or Candles unusual shape is not appropriate because they can create a distraction, when the magician wants to concentrate An important task at hand. Most magicians prefer to use Candles standard sizes and shapes, if possible. They sold in different colors for domestic use are ideal.

4 candles ofr use any magical use should be a virgin, unused. Under no circumstances use Candles are decorated table, or used as a bedroom candle or lamp. There is very good occult reason not to use anything other than raw materials Magic. Vibration received materials or use The device may have an impact on the work and get rid of efficiency.

5 Some magicians who prefer art Create your own candles for magical rituals and use. It Very practical, because it is not fertilize Candles with your personal vibrations, but only Act to create your own candles magically powerful. Specialized shops sell wax and forms wicks, fragrance and other equipment.

6 hot wax is heated until liquid, then poured form through which the appropriate size for primer thread. The wax is then cooled and then There is a form of fixed and remained fully formed candles. Special oil-soluble color and fragrance can be added Wax cool until the end of the process to ensure appropriate color and fragrance for the special magic rituals. Craft shops which sell candlemaking supplies can also provide Do-it-yourself books explaining the technical art recruitment.

7 After you have purchased or your candle ritual is such as oil or "dressed" into the fire. Target dressing candles to create a physical link between magician and the main sensory experience. By physical contact with a candle in the sauce Regulations, and that our personal vibration, and concentration of magic wishes Law wax. Keri has been extended mag mental strength and vitality.

8 If you place a candle for magical use, imagine that mental magnet north and south pole. USD Oil canlde start at the top or bottom, and North Work under the belt. Always brush in down. This process is repeated for Top Bottomore or workers in southern and average.

9 best type of oil used to decorate candles nature, which can be achieved very easily. Some occult vendor will provide candles, oil Magic exotic names. If the driver wants to use, may decide suitable oils or perfumes from its source. Oil soluble perfumes sold in craft shops for inclusion in candles recommended. 10 candles, use can be obtained in accordance with Magic uses the following:
*White-spirituality and peace.
*red-health, energy, strength, courage, sexual potency.
*pink love love and romance.
*yellow-intelektualizma, immagination, memory and creativity
*Green-fertility, wealth, happiness and harmony
*blue-inspiration, wisdom, occult, protection and dedication
*Purple wealth, higher mental abilities,spiritual power and idealism
*silver-clairvoyance, inspiration, astral energy and intuition
*orange-ambition. Career issues and rights.

11 If you want to use candle magic for healing and Choose red candles. Pass, shooting yellow candle, to gain esoteric knowledge burn a blue candle or material gain, burn Purple. It is clear that Color refers to the zodiac and the planets forces.

12 simple form of magic canlde write a daffodil The objective of your ritual virging paper. You You can use colored paper that corresponds to the candle. Contact Asks for a document, the magic letter, as You, Enochian, malachain etc. How to write what To get wax Magic - a new job, working Second, change of residence, a new love etc. - Visualize your dreams. Imagine The conditions under which they may be offered a new job Imagine that your employer can tell you that your salary increase or cinjure for his vision of perfect love partner.

13 After completion of recording expectations Careful work in the pre-slow mode. Completion of the work consists of a candle flame World in it. How to do it again emphasized that Want from life.

14 When you have completed the ritual, the candle completely destroyed. You do not stay with candle after the ritual, but make sure it is safe and that hot wax will not cause damage or fire. No re-lit the candle at all magical rituals. IT should be used only in this ritual, and then allowed to burn Visitors or sell later.

15 If you have a magical ritual, which includes two people (for example, there is no cure for humans at a distance disk), then the other person may symbollically presented during the ceremony the other candles. / All you need to do is to learn the birth date and burn appropriate wax for signs of the zodiac. Includes Monitors
                  ARIES                 red
                  TAURUS                green
                  GEMINI                yellow
                  CANCER                silver
                  LEO                   orange
                  VIRGO                 yellow
                  LIBRA                 pink
                  SCORPIO               red
                  SAGITARIUS            purple
                  CAPRICORN             black
                  AQUARIUS              all colors

                 PISCES                mauve

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