If you are trying to save the world, you will need to know the cause of the problem: Everyone one can plainly see that the acts of humanity are causing all of the major problems on this planet. There has almost always been war, greed, violence, massive starvation and unnecessary extinctions of other species. In the last 1000 years or so we have added pollution, over population and global warming. But why? If you have ever tried to help the environment, wild life or anything else that is not human, the inescapable conclusion you come to is: Only when the humans change can we ever really resolve the worlds problems. But have you ever really tried to encourage people to change? If you have you realize, for the most part, you are not always dealing with rational, reasonable and intelligent creatures. So what are you really dealing with? Example: A survey was taken that determined that American consumers would not pay one extra cent on a major appliance at the time of purchase even if they knew the more expensive appliance was eco and would save them hundreds of dollars in the long run. So what are we dealing with and what really makes a difference? One explanation is mud shadows. Which is an inorganic being that poses as your mind. Making you think that it's thoughts are your own so it can feed on your energy. Once you experience what your perception is like not having them, you will most certainly agree. But to be really accurate, there is a little more to the cause of our problems than just the mud shadows although they are the bulk of the problem. Below is an alternative explanation of what we are dealing with and what steps you can take to at least free your self. Only by freeing your self, will you truly know what you are dealing with. Actions To Take To Free Yourself: NOTE: Understand the danger involved in taking any of these steps. Only you can be responsible for yourself. The order you do the steps below must be determined by you. This is just an article on a web site that is intended to be supportive not all inclusive... Read the book: The Active Side Of Infinity by Carlos Castaneda If your assemblage point is split bring the assemblage point back together as one unit. If your assemblage point is near the shell of the egg ("in the human junk pile"), move your assemblage point to the optimal position. This is roughly just to the right of the center of the egg at shoulder height within the egg. Let your egg determine precisely where the optimal position is. You must continue to act from that location to lock into and stay at that location.


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