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How to have lucid dreams


There are several ways to get lucid dreams. Some people can do naturally, others must try very hard to reach lucid state.

However, Anyone can do it!

If you really want to have lucid dreams should not lead a stressful life. You need time to you and your dreams. I had to write my dreams periods lasted only 2 hours. Today I have a busy life and I see that my lucid dreams have fallen. I recommend the first few years in a quiet period. Maybe vacation.

Once you receive your first lucid dream, you will notice that the following are sometimes easier and erase your totally surprised.

Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams (mild) Engineering ------------------------------

Put your thoughts on waking and dream recall. After awakening from a dream, know that as completely as possible.

After returning to sleep, to concentrate solely on the intention to remember to recognize that you are dreaming. Say to yourself: "Next time I dream, I dream that I remember .." Try to feel really seriously. Focus your thoughts on this single idea. When you think of anything else, let him go pick you up at your intention to remember.

At the same time, believe you are back to waking dream (or anyone else you had recently, in no recollection of waking dream in which), but this time to recognize the dream. Find a dream sign. If you He said: "I dream!" and continue your fantasy. Imagine carrying out their plans for next lucid dream. For example, what if you fly in your lucid dream, to fly as if you've reached the point where Imagination that you realize your dreams.

Repeat steps 2 and 3 until your intention is set, you can then go to sleep. If during sleep, is think of something else, repeat the procedure, so the last thing you think that sleep is again intend to remember it next time you are dreaming.

Naps -------------------------

Or you can call by adjusting their sleep habits.

For example, setting the alarm a few hours before actually come up. When he wakes up, read lucid dream, do a reality check, or whatever, to keep his mind on Lucid Dreaming. Then go to sleep one lucid dream.

This works even if you have raised, of course, and even a bit. You do not stand up for what doze sleep. If at this point to keep in mind that your dreams for a change in the top of a lucid dream.

If you run cycles of REM sleep (when the place in the dream) will allow you to set the alarm The clock at a time when you are done dreaming.

Other ways to clear ---------------------------------

Watch hands A common technique that seems to work well is to look at their hands. Remember that I saw his hands and if you know a dream.

The best way is to consciously look at their hands during the day and wondered if your dreams or not.If often do you watch your hands in a dream, too.

Then you can realize your dreams.

Dirty tricks: Before you go to bed, drink a lot. You must go to the bathroom somewhere in the middle of the night.

Come down, close your eyes and concentrate. Tell yourself that if you're in a bathroom or a program, you dream. In most cases, you have a dream that you are looking for a bathroom or A. Then can achieve your dreams.

Warning: It may be possible that you are so convinced that everything you really wet the bed ...

How am I here?
During the day, always ask: "How am I here?" And breeding stock you are now.

If you do this long enough to finally get in a dream. And you can not really remember How you got there. Bingo, you are dreaming!

Once I dreamed that I mounted on a building. Then I wondered: "How am I doing here?" And could not really imagine Getting there. Convinced that he was dreaming, I jumped out of the building and flew away.

Lucid Nutrition There is not much food in sleep, try out:)

Orange juice
Orange juice or fruit juice helps the nervous system to remain active, while the muscles in his "dream". This makes have vivid dreams and a better exchange of clarity also.

Milk and cheese: The milk and cheese in which the amino acids found in the production of melatonin, a neurotransmitter stimulating on sleep and dreams. So warm milk before bed can actually help you sleep after all!

Save: A traveler Mirror wrote: I found that lettuce is a pacemaker dream in general. (I'm not very familiar with different lucidity dreams.) I do not know why or how it works, but I know two friends who have confirmed the fact, or save Produce memorable dreams, or help them remember. I tried three times and three times it worked.

Mustard and pickles: Another account of a passenger mirror I listen to a local radio station one morning on his way to school. It was reported that the dream of every researcher has found If you Musterd spoon and half the size of pickle eating just before bedtime, induce lucid dreams. Of course, I tried and it worked! (Third time) Now I was about 1-2 per week, the results are good, good enough make my own Musterd gag on a spoon. I wish I could remember the name of research or where it was. I told my friends to try to get the same results, sometimes it works. For me, it is sometimes better not to times.

Ice: Someone in a.d.l. When informed, who tend to have lucid dreams after eating ice cream. It may be that amino acids again, or if the temperature of the ice in the cause of digestive problems break down, thereby increasing its total voltage Level ...

Popcorn: Another suspected cause lucid dreams. I have no idea why it would work ...

Fish: This is mentioned in the FAQ alt.dreams. Maybe something to do with the protein that again?

Stay clear ---------------------------------
When you realize your dream, it is sometimes difficult to Lucid Dreaming, or even stand. Some technologies to continue to dream: quiet Do not leave. This is likely to wake up after the immediate realization that your dream.

Turning around its axis (not dizziness) and say: "The next scene is a dream." When you stop spinning, it is not certain that you are dreaming, do a test of reality. Even if you think you are awake, May surprised that still dreams!

Look at your hands or the floor. By focusing on a stable reference point in the dream, which hands or the floor. This helps to stabilize dream.

Rub hands
The brush gives a lively sense of movement and friction. While rubbing his hands again, that the scene, a dream.

According to research by the technique of spinning is the most effective, followed by rubbing its hands on the technology.

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