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How to induce hypnosis

Now you know how to talk to your subconscious mind, I say how to guide a person in hypnosis. Please note that this guide, you can never hypnotize someone and ready. Ok, the substance or oblong sitting in a comfortable, relaxed and in a time where things interrupted. Saying that, or something quiet and montionous (not a commanding voice).

NOTE: lighting a candle and place it in a place where it can be easily seen.

"Take a deep breath through your nose and realized 8 years.

Now, through the mouth and slowly exhale completely. Keep breathing long, deep breaths through your nose and breathe through your mouth. Tense cleaner, very close now on this day for ten to one, output Eventually is very relaxed. Now look at the light, when you look in, with every breath and step motion, everything feels more calm and relaxed. The candles flame is peaceful and bright.

Looking to go 100 of its own as a story, your eyes will more relaxed, more and more tired with each passing moment. "Now the countdown to 100, about every 10 numbers say "When they reach xx your eyes (or eye) is more and more tired. "Tell them close our eyes when they want. If your eyes are still people pen when you are 50 then instead of saying "the eyes .." says "you eyes ... "If you close your eyes to read: ".... as a lie (or sit) here with your eyes comfortably close you are relaxed and Moreover, at each moment and breath. The relaxation feels pleasant and happy and satisfied with this wonderful feeling.

Imagine cloud, resting peacefully, with a gentle breeze caressing your body. A tingling sensation begins to make its way inside and outside their toes, but moves slowly to his feet, making the heat, heavy advertising relax. The cloud is soft and supports your body with its soft texture, the scene is peaceful and absorption, absorbs completely calm. Sweetness and tingling moves slowly to relax your legs. Make hot and heavy. The relaxation feels very good, it feels so good to relax and unwind. As tingling continues its journey into your solar plexus (or bodies) (you think your home stomach relaxed. Let's go slowly to his chest, also relaxed breathing. The feeling starts to lift his arms or shoulders, making your arms heavy and relaxed as well.

You know total relaxation you are alive today, and make room for him. Is good and peaceful, tingling now moves into your face and head, relax jaw, neck and facial muscles, making their problems and pain apartment Far in the blue sky sits happily in the clouds ...." If no answers or if you think that (he or she.) falls asleep, and then add"... Always with a focus in my own way, ignoring all other sounds. Even There are other sounds, which helps to relax. "Soon the leaves a sigh, as if the discharge is heard, and his face must have "Ness Wood" to the roles.

Now read: "... now found you in a hallway, the room is quiet and pleasant. As a history of 101 You yourself going further and further down the corridor. When you see when you are in a state other than consciousness and mind. (The number twelve fifty )...." To do this, if three or four times.

Then, to check if the subject under hypnosis or not, saying: "You ... feel a strange sensation in the arm (the arm by writing The Feeling Begins of the fingers and slowly move your arm as it moves through the arm arm becomes lighter and lighter, which will soon be such that the light will rise ...Get brighter each breath and moment ... Fingers should start to vibrate and then upwards, the next branch, now, my friend, you he / she is in hypnosis. The first time you do, if he / she is less Good things like "you know early in the morning, or every day everything possible to find better and better "or something that. The more you pass under the deepest hypnosis may in each time you do.

What to do when he is hypnotized

When you honor your everything carefully way. You can not just say: "Take your clothes and hump the pillow. No, which would not really do the trick. You need something like 'find Feeling comfortable in your room to take a shower (to describe strongly your room and what happens), begins to undress ... Now It is not so easy, you know the persons house, room and shower Then describe things clearly and I say it (for Deep layers to do so.). I just want to propose to experience a time and learn how to do things.


Wake up is easy, simply said: "I think, if you ever More and more awake, more alive. When he wakes up you are living fully, awake and fresh. Mentally and physically, memory of the pleasant sensation that hypnosis provides. Arouse feelings as an infant, born with life and strength, good feeling. Recalling that the next time you hypnosis more becomes more and more deeply than before. 1) You feel natural energy extremities. 2) Begin to breathe deeply, stirring. 3) From move or older and the eyes open, so before you feel conscious. 4) U is up, up, up and awakening more and more. 5) The person is awake and feeling great. And that's all. Now you know how to hypnotize someone otherwise. You will learn more by experience.

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